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Guanyin Temple with thousands of hands and thousands of eyes
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, White paspalum will be held at Amitabha Christmas ...
News from this site: On December 12, 2019 (November 17th, the lunar calendar), Baiqueyuan will hold a three o'clock chanting and confession ceremony. May all beings use the name of Amitabha Wandehong to avoid disasters, resolve disasters, eliminate karma without beginning, and gain ... more
, White paspalum will be held at Amitabha Christmas at 3:00 pm
, White paspalum will be held on the first day of November in the lunar calendar to protect the boys and pray
, Baiquejing will hold blessings and over-provide lights on October 15th of the lunar calendar
, White paspalum will hold a disaster relief and extension of life ceremony at Pharmacist Buddha Christmas cum ten
, Baiquexu will pray for the extravagant light for Guanyin Bodhisattva Day
White paspalum Buddhist activities
White queen holds a prayer ceremony to protect the boy
News from this station: On November 26th (the first day of November in the Chinese lunar calendar), Baiqueyu satisfactorily supported the boy to pray for merit. The Fa Conference was so solemn and triumphant that the Ten Faithful Faith came to participate and shared Fa-Xi and Tong Mu Fo En. Latest News
White queen holds a prayer ceremony to protect the boy 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
White paspalum successfully held the October 15th lunar calendar to pray for blessings and exceed the lamp supply method 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
Baique Di successfully held the pharmacist Buddha Christmas disaster extension and life extension cum October 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
White queen holds the Guanyin Bodhisattva ’s monk ’s monk day 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
White paspalum successfully held Chongyang Festival reimbursement 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
White queen holds a lantern burning ancient Buddha offering ceremony 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
Baiquejing successfully held the Mid-Autumn Festival 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
White paspalum successfully held Jizo Bodhisattva Christmas Festival 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
White paspalum successfully held the Obon festival, held overage, prayed for blessings 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
Baique Di successfully held Guanyin Bodhisattva's enlightenment day 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
Baique Di successfully held the Wei Xuan Bodhisattva's Christmas Disaster Relief and Burning Lamp Ceremony 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
White paspalum successfully held the Gala Bodhisattva Christmas Day for blessings and extravagant lights 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
Baique Di successfully held the Dragon Boat Festival Auspicious , Law Entrance Examination 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
White queen holds Sakyamuni Buddha on Christmas Day 佛教新闻 ] [ Buddhism News ]
A successful person is not how smooth they are on the road to life, nor how outstanding their abilities, but only for one reason. Such people are good at controlling their mood and can see the beautiful in the storm. Rainbow can even see a bright future in a ruined land, and always maintain a good psychological state, not frustrated by temporary failure. ...
Baiqueyu-Ancient Temple Culture More
, The legend of the three emperors
, The image of Guanyin Bodhisattva
, Statue of Baiquelang Temple
, The legend of the Goddess of Mercy
, Tianwangdian
, Baiqueyu Site Monument (Main Hall Monument)
Guanyin Temple with thousands of hands and thousands of eyes
Sanskrit clear stream
Number of days-Gong Yue Nanwu Guanyin Bodhisattva-Master Hai Tao
Buddhist Music "Autumn Bell" The Book of Mercy--Huang Huiyin
Reborn curse 01. Judge the True Xiangshan Guangshan Edition
Online Bible copy background music Buddha says the ten good deeds of Taoism_Mimi reciting
Jizo Mantra Pharmacist's Curse-Jing Shanyuan (Yang Xiaolin
The Great Tragedy of Han Dynasty-The Greatest Sadness

Guan Yin Yin's Residence
The Power of Goddess of Mercy
Meet the Guanyin Bodhisattva (graphics)
Biography of Elders for Baiqueji
What a forty-two chapter
Cultivation and heart
Master Ji Qun: Two Mistakes in Learning Buddhism
Meet each other
Sitting alone and watching my heart often reveals itself
Baiqueyu-Guanyin Culture
Guan Yin Yin's Residence
The child sent by Guanyin Bodhisattva is unusual, even smiling
, There are thousands of Buddhas, why do Chinese love Guanyin the most?
, The Goddess of Mercy Guanyin
, Master Yinguang: The heart is not true, the Goddess of Mercy is difficult to save
White Paspalum-Fayuan
Prajna Prajna-Prajna Paramita
, "Tisang Sutra" is the fundamental law of the entire Dharma
, What is the role of Sutra reading the Diamond Sutra?
, "Buddha said Wuliangshoujing" is the saying of the paradise
, Questions and answers on Mengshan feeding
, Mage Chuanxi Answer: What Buddha should be worshipped
, The origins of the Five Classics of Pure Land
, A Brief Explanation of "Buddha's Obon Pentra"
White paspalum-zen culture
, Sheng Yan said Zen: a little snow in the red hearth
The Red Furnace asked a little snow: "The Red Furnace a little snow" is very tense from the poetic imagery, because red and white are striking in contrast, and the hot stove and cold snow are also presented in temperature ...
, Are there any tricks or shortcuts for practicing?
, Basic requirements for practicing at home
, The old monk of Guangqin
, You don't want to change yourself, no one can save you
, Hidden in the middle of a busy life, who lives in the spring
, The eight kinds of "pathological" common in learning Buddhism
, Do not watch others, but watch yourself
White paspalum-buddhist field More
, What are the mounts of the four great Buddhas of Buddhism?
Prajna Wisdom Bodhisattva Manjushri Bodhisattva is based on great wisdom. According to Zhong Yun: Receiving the heart as a commandment is determined by the precepts. The Manjushri Bodhisattva uses the net practice method as a distracting method. Cleanliness ...
, Hengzhuan Master: There is a layman studying tantra,
, Pure Land Method: The word "A" of Amitabha should
, Wishfulness Master: How to do Buddhists
, Pure Land Method: Buddha Hall for sleeping in the bedroom at night
, Heaven: What is the fate of Buddha?
, Heavenly: I am overwhelmed by ghosts, what should I do?
, Mr. Renqing: Can you die without making a big wish?
White paspalum
image 佛事掠影 The style of ancient temples
Video More
Buddhist story
Cultivation and heart
There is a rich man who raises his body and raises his heart in the Acropolis, because he is too obese, which makes him sick. One day, he went to Jingshe to ask the Buddha for advice: "Buddha! I am full of fat [full text]
What is your wealth?
When the greedy king was dying, Fang reflected on himself
The Legend of Li Jingyi and the Cornucopia
His Holiness used a bowl of water given by Brahmin to increase his blessing
Eight stories about integrity
A generation of prime minister "Zheng Qingzhi", guided Zen to clean, persuaded
Do n’t believe in cause and effect, not even the Buddha
Master Ji Qun: Two Misunderstandings in Learning Buddhism
Ordinary people have achieved ordinary love because they start from ordinary love. So is the intention of the Buddhist learner correct? Actually not necessarily. Many Buddhism learners do not get rid of their original mentality, nor do they belong to the correct mindset. [full text]
Pure Land Method: Cause and Effect
Pure Land Method: This must be known, always
Master Shengyan: How do you say good fortune?
Master Haitao: Eliminate past life or the other party fucking man
Master Jingzong: Special Study of the Buddha
Master Jingzong: Misunderstandings in the Amitabha
Xianzong Mage: Happy Life in Accordance with Heaven
Bodhi leaf
Meet each other
Seeing each other as you come ◎ Huang Nianzu left Bodhisattva to practice all the good deeds and get Bodhi, and achieve Buddhism. Buddhism is the fruit of separation and cultivation, so it cannot be [full text]
The difference between greed and abandonment
Since the heart is the Buddha, why should we learn it?
Bad temper is the source of self-harm
Planting good thoughts to purify the mind
The difference between intelligence and wisdom
Everything is treasure, everyone is talent
How to get rid of trouble quickly
Ten diamond hearts
Listening to Lushen's words and thousands of buddhas, I prefaced Vajra seeds with ten hearts. The first faith: If Buddha, believer, believe in everything in the first place, virtue is fundamental. Can't afford to see the outside world, see the famous books, and have a career [full text]
Attentive to the present, so serene
There is no absolute perfection in the world
Giving is not in the material but in one mind
What is the real meaning of burning incense?
Understand life
White paspalum-tea culture
Tea eaters must be proud of things
The tea trees in Beiyuan are beautiful and erect, dense and lush.
Tea eaters must be proud of things
Zen tea blindly: tea is a bodhisattva heart
Tea table setting: the art of inheriting beauty
Tea for internal and external use
4 herbal teas to lose weight most
Drink herbal tea to lose weight
Three Steps to Drinking Tea
Tea table, the embodiment of tea culture
White Paspalum-Vegetarian Culture
Vegetarian recommendation: four kinds of vegetarian cooking
Vegetarian recommendation: four main ingredients for vegetarian cooking: 75 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 22 konjac [full text]
Vegetarian recommendation: four kinds of vegetarian cooking
Cold dish recipe: Chinese bean sprouts (Picture)
Tomato Tofu Soup
Eat 7 kinds of vegetarian food in summer
7 magical uses of brown sugar water
Grains are equal to 9 times the nutrition of rice
How to eat the most scientific nutrition of fungus
Clearing cough in winter
Buddhist calligraphy and painting
Bible Assistance More >>
The Miraculous Lotus Sutra
Qin Qiu Moro after "The Magic Lotus Lotus Sutra" ... Details >>
The Great Buddha's Head Sutra
"Len Yan Jing", as we all know, is ... Details >>
"Buddhist Goddess of Mercy"
"Guanshiyin Bodhisattva Bodhisattva", Jane ... Details >>
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